You Can Now Text Your Favorite Flirt4Free Model With FlirtSMS

FlirtSMS is a new feature on Flirt4Free to text with your favorite camgirl

On the 5th of July, Flirt4Free announced on twitter a new feature coming to their platform. The new feature, named FlirtSMS,  will allow you to stay connected to your favorite Flirt4Free model thru SMS texts, even when she is offline.

How to get started using FlirtSMS

The feature is relatively new to the platform. Camgirls on Flirt4Free have to first opt-in to be able to use FlirtSMS. So unfortunately not all camgirls on Flirt4Free will have the SMS option available on their profiles.

How can you know if your favorite camgirl is using FlirtSMS? You can easily check by visiting their bio page, scroll down to the “Profile Action” section on the left-hand sidebar. If you see the “FlirtSMS” tab, then you’re in luck. That means your favorite model has opted-in to the FlirtSMS feature and they are available to receive your naughty text messages.

Requirements to use FlirtSMS

There are only 3 requirements for you to be able to use the SMS feature.

Let’s start with the obvious ones, you have to be a member of Flirt4Free, and you need to have a mobile phone. The last requirement is that you need to have enough credits in your Flirt4Free wallet to cover the cost of 2 texts.

How does FlirtSMS work?

Do you need to download some fancy app or log in to Flirt4Free on your phone? No. Similar to how you already send texts on your phone, you will also text with your favorite camgirl the same way. No special app is needed.

When you find a camgirl on Flirt4Free you want to text with, click on their FlirtSMS tab on their profile page. You’ll then be prompted to enter a valid phone number, select the country you’re texting from, choose the screen name you’d like to use, and review the model’s per-text rate. Then simply click “Initiate Opt-In”. Don’t worry, your phone number will never be visible to a camgirl. Only your chosen username will.

Will you get the real phone number of your favorite camgirl? No. Similar to how models will not be able to see your real number, you also won’t see theirs. Both you and the model will be assigned a virtual phone number. So no personal info will be revealed about either of you. The system is 100% private and secure.

Flirt4Free SMS

One last thing, with FlirtSMS you won’t simply be able to send texts. You’ll also send/receive photos and videos. Inundate your special someone with sexy selfies, steamy vids, or your spiciest thoughts. It’s entirely up to you!

Ready to take your relationship to the TEXT level?

With FlirtSMS, you don’t have to wait until your favorite camgirl goes online to have her in your life. Start texting now and let her know exactly what’s on your mind.


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