Meet Vixen Lola. She’s A Gorgeous All Natural Redhead From MyFreeCams

It’s not every day you come across a gorgeous all natural redhead on MyFreeCams. I’d be willing to bet you could probably count with one hand the number of natural redheads that are online at any given time on MFC.

That’s why when I came across Vixen Lola I was a bit excited to join in on her stream. Sure, she’s not that different from a blonde or brunette, but for some reason knowing that I was watching an all natural redhead got me a bit excited.

Redhead camgirl Vixen Lola
Photo courtesy of Fancentro

Of course, the thought did cross my mind, what if she dyed her hair red and she’s not an actual redhead? That thought quickly went away as I dropped a quick tip to get a peek in her panties. Turns out the carpet did match the drapes.

Plus, she’s got all the other features a natural redhead would have. Lovely pale skin, face adorned with freckles, and she had a small bottle shaped neckless that was filled with these moving orbs that I can only imagine were the souls of the all the men she’s drained the life out of. (jk)

At the time I was watching Vixen Lola, she was wearing a white bra and pink panties. I must have arrived at her show a bit late seeing as she was already in her underwear. She had a soft sweet voice and was a bit submissive. Every time the tip sound would come on, her face would instantly light up and she’d giggle and happily oblige to the tippers request.

smiling redhead in her underwear
Photo courtesy of Fancentro

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Vixen Lola more than once now. One thing that I really like about her, and I’m sure you probably will too, is that she always carries a smile on her face. She seems to always be in a happy mood. That feature alone makes her a lot more attractive than other camgirls on MyFreeCams. She also has this girl next door vibe to her which I really like.

You might be fooled to think Vixen Lola is the innocent type of girl who’s only into vanilla sex. Well, you’d be pretty fucking wrong. That lovely smile of hers can certainly be deceiving. Some of her turn on’s include being spanked, choked, and roughed up. She’s into some really kinky stuff.

myfreecams camgirl smiling
Photo courtesy of Fancentro

It’s only been a couple times that I’ve watched Vixen Lola on cam. But I can honestly tell you that I’ve had an incredible time getting to know this fiery little cutie. She’s already in my list of favorites on MFC and I’m actually thinking of joining her Snapchat too.

I’m sure a mid-day topless selfie from her could brighten up my mood and keep me going through the day.

If you’re on MyFreeCams one of these nights, do yourself a favor and drop into Vixen Lola’s room. You’ll be glad you did.

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