Interview: Camgirl Verona Moore Is Both Charming And Naughty

Unbelievable Verona Moore is a great example of natural charm and feminine gracefulness. Refined and delicate, the model reminds a fragile ballet dancer, who you want to worship and cherish. In spite of the seeming shyness, the girl’s shows are always reckless and hot, whereas her communication manner makes you instantly fall in love with this beauty! Read our interview with the stunning Verona Moore and find out what sex toy she dreams about and whether she knows any celebrity personally!

Interviewer: Tell us about your plans for the next five years.
Verona Moore: One of my main goals at the moment is purchasing personal property, and in this respect, the website helps me a lot.

I: Have you ever thought that we live in a matrix? How do you feel about this theory?
VM: That’s a curious question, just like the theory itself. In my opinion, it has the right to exist. The hypothesis about Adam and Eve along with Darwin’s theory of evolution cannot explain many things, and certain moments still remain a mystery. The Matrix movie shows that something else might be equally possible. Thus, I don’t deny such possibility and could also believe that we are no more than someone’s experiment. All that makes you see the world from another angle.

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I: Do you believe that after death you can resurrect in another body?
VM: I would really love to believe that, but, unfortunately, I don’t. People simply made that up, so that it was less scary to leave this world. When a person dies, it’s only the memory that stays. Well, and the earth does its thing as well.

I: What is your dream sex toy?
VM: I dream about a universal sex gadget — that’s what I’d love to have. There exist a lot of toys, and all of them are different. Ideally, there should be just one toy that would comprise all you need.

I: What is the most exciting role you tried during role-playing games?
VM: I think, most of all I liked the role of an anime girl. I tried different costumes, even very strange ones, but I enjoyed being a smiling young woman in a beautiful dress the most. Actually, I don’t even like anime, but I really loved this role.

I: Do you know any celebrity? Would you like to meet one?
VM: No, I’m not acquainted with any of the celebrities and actually don’t really care. For me, seeing them at concerts or on TV is enough.

I: What is the funniest movie you’ve seen lately?
VM: I watch movies quite rarely and don’t like comedies too much. The one I remembered the most was Full Metal Jacket – a good meaningful movie with some nice humor.

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I: Would you like to become a volunteer? Where would you go?
VM: I guess, I would prefer dealing with animals. A lot of species are suffering in the zoos and in the wild. I’d love to be looking for shelters and would provide them with food, water, and care. I’d prefer it to be somewhere in the temperate climate zone because I hate when it’s too cold or too hot.

I: Name your favorite song from the last century.
VM: I don’t have any favorite song, but I think that the music of the 80s is much more meaningful, so I truly enjoy it.

I: Do you prefer solving problems on your own or seek assistance from other people?
VM: I prefer solving problems, including my personal, in the family circle, or rather with my husband. I can always ask him for advice, but there are also things I can deal with myself.

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