Sunshine Lollipop Is The Princess Of Fetish

What is your fetish?

If you were to ask that question to Sunshine Lollipop you’d better be ready to discover a whole new world of fetish you probably didn’t even know existed. Some people are content with their normal sex lives. They have certain kinks they indulge in and to them, it’s more than enough. For Sunshine Lollipop, a normal vanilla sex life is way too boring. She spices up her own sex life with a multitude of fetish play. We should all consider ourselves very lucky that she decides to do this on the internet for the world to see.



Who is Sunshine Lollipop?

Sunshine is an amateur porn producer and camgirl on MyFreeCams. Fans of her have come to nickname her the ‘Princess of fetish’. She’s Australian indigenous, half Irish and half Koori, to be exact. She’s 21 years old and if you can tell by her photos above, she’s as hot as they come. Standing at 5’3, with a petite frame, luscious lips, and a sexy Aussie accent, she’s a babe who will grip your attention by the balls.

The world of fetish is bigger than you can imagine. We all have different sexual desires. Some have fetishes that most people would consider odd. It could be an unusual attraction to feet, armpits, hair, shoes, or other items/body parts. Doesn’t always have to be a thing or a part of the body. It could also be an act, such as DD/LG (Daddy Dom – Little Girl) or Findom (Financial Domination).

I’m by no means kink shaming anyone who indulges in these fetishes. But to the average person with a vanilla sex life, these fetishes are considered strange. I think you’d agree with me when I say that those of us who indulge in the world of fetish are getting more enjoyment out of our sex lives than the average person who doesn’t. If you’re someone who hasn’t explored the world of fetish and you’re looking to change that, Sunshine Lollipop can be your guide into this delicious world. She for one enjoys indulging in her own fetishes and isn’t afraid of exploring new ones.

What are her fetishes?

So exactly what fetishes does Sunshine Lollipop indulge in? Here’s a list of only a couple she enjoys: sexual hypnosis, dollification/bimbofication, DD/LG, ageplay, sneaker fetish, taboo sex, outdoor/public sex, slave training, pet play, findom, and so much more. A full list of her fetishes and more information about her can be found on her website


Visit her website.

Do you dare explore new fetishes and expand the enjoyment of your current sex life?

No matter how great you think your sex life is, it can always be better. If you’ve never ventured into the world of fetish and are interested in doing so, or if you’re looking to explore the world of fetish a little more, Sunshine Lollipop is the right girl for you. Visit her website to get a glimpse into her fetish filled sex life. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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