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About MyFreeCams

When it comes to the world of live sex chat, one camsite in particular stands out from the rest, MyFreeCams. Undoubtedly one the largest camsites on the world wide web since the early 2000s and even today, MyFreeCams has a reputation that other sites can only dream of having.

In the 15+ years MyFreeCams has been in business, they have amassed an impressive model catalog that can easily cater to just about anyone’s preference. You don’t get to stay in business as long as MFC has unless you’re doing something right, and the truth of the matter is, they get a lot right.

On MyFreeCams you can find camgirls ranging from several popular categories such as teen, mature, coeds, big tits, pornstars, redheads, ebony, latinas, bbw, and pretty much any other category you can possibly think of. MyFreeCams has models for just about anyone’s taste. Boasting a cool 200k models and some 23 million registered members in the nearly 2 decades they’ve been in business is clear indication of their popularity amongst models and members alike.

True to their name, being able to watch, chat, and meet camgirls on MyFreeCams is 100% FREE. No registration is ever required for you to get a sneak peek at the delectable assortment of camgirls live on the site. MyFreeCams lets you meet and chat with any camgirl that’s live when you’re browsing. No matter what time of day you decide to visit MFC, you’ll always have over 1,000+ models to choose from. Without ever having to register for an account, you can browse and watch as many cams as you’d like, though there are some restrictions. But those can easily be bypassed if only you sign up for an account, which again, is 100% FREE.


Account Types on MyFreeCams

We’re not lying to you when we say that MyFreeCams is 100% FREE, it truly is! You can head on over to this very instant and start watching any camgirl that catches your eye. Although MyFreeCams doesn’t require you to be a registered member to watch camgirls, having even a ‘Basic’ account is much more preferable than just being a ‘Guest’. Upgrading from an unregistered ‘Guest’ to a ‘Basic’ account gives you access to some great features that will make your experience on MyFreeCams much more enjoyable.

For those of you that wish to remain guests, you should know that your actions will be limited. Overall, the best features are available to registered members only, so keep that in mind. On MFC there are 3 different types of accounts you can have.


When you first arrive at MyFreeCams, you’ll automatically be logged in as a ‘Guest’ and be given a random username such as ‘Guest0987’. This is your username on MFC. If a model allows it, you can type in her chat room and make conversation with her using this random username you were assigned. The only problem is that most models on MFC don’t allow ‘Guest’ accounts to type in their chat. Some models do but the vast majority of them do not.

 Chat with camgirls on MyFreeCams without signing up

If you have no interest in creating an account but still want to chat with models, you’ll have to find models that allow guest to chat in their rooms. To do that, click on the ‘Settings’ tab in the homepage and in the lower right options bar named ‘Show if guests can chat’ set it to ‘Yes’. After that, the homepage will refresh and you’ll see a small gray circle with the letter ‘G’ appear in the lower right corner of the image thumbnails of models who allow guests to type in their chats.

How to chat with camgirls on MyFreeCams without an account

If it’s your first time on MyFreeCams, having a Guest account is a great way to explore the site before you sign up for a ‘Basic’ account. Which is definitely something you’ll want to do as having a guest account is kind of boring and useless. Even if you’re able to chat with some models using a guest account, most models simply ignore guests and pay more attention to basic and premium members.

Basic account

Having a basic account gives you a name on MyFreeCams. Basic membership is free for life and you’ll never be pressured into paying for anything. You’ll be able to chat with models and take advantage of several features on the site. Signing up for a basic account is incredibly simple.

Follow these 2 steps to create a Basic account on MyFreeCams

  1. Visit – In the upper right corner of the menu, click on ‘Create A Free Account’. A new pop-up window will open and you’ll be asked to enter your desired username, email, and password. The signup process is double opt-in, meaning you have to verify your email before your account is created. Come up with a creative username, enter your email address, and choose a strong password. After that, tick the ‘I am over 18’ box and click the button that says ‘Create Account!’.
  2. Verify your email – Before your account is created, you’ll have to visit your email and click a link MyFreeCams sent you to verify your account. Click on the link in the email and you’ll be redirected to the MyFreeCams homepage. That is all! Your account is now created and you should be logged in and ready to start chatting with any camgirl that catches your eye.

Process to create a new account on MyFreeCams

Now that you’re a member, you’ll be able to chat with camgirls and have access to more website features you didn’t have as a guest. Though you can now chat with models, one thing you won’t be able to do, and shouldn’t do, is make requests in the chat. Yes, a basic account gives you the ability to chat with the camgirls, but having no tokens to spend means you can’t tip a model to do certain acts, such as flash her tits, spank her ass or play with a toy.

This is where becoming a ‘Premium’ member and buying tokens comes in. While MyFreeCams is free, you can (and should) consider becoming a premium member, which means buying tokens.

MyFreeCams operates on a token-based system. If you’d like a camgirl to perform a request, you first have to tip tokens. Every model sets up their own tip menus. So, for example, you may be able to tip 25 tokens to see her tits, 55 tokens to see her ass, 100 tokens to see her pussy, 150 to watch her spank her booty and so forth.

Buying tokens just ONCE permanently upgrades you into a ‘Premium’ account status – for life. Now with a premium account, you have unlimited access to all the site features and with tokens in your pocket, you’re able to make a request from just about any camgirl on MyFreeCams. Upgrading to a premium account is incredibly simple and will honestly be the best money you ever spend!

Premium membership

Some camsites require you to spend a whole lot of money on tokens per month in order to become a premium member. MyFreeCams is not one of them. At MFC, all you have to do to become a premium member is purchase tokens just once. There’s absolutely no catch. You don’t have to pay a monthly premium and there are no additional fees involved. Even if you never purchase tokens again, you remain a premium member for life.

Models can see in their chat who is a premium member and who isn’t. Simply by becoming a premium member, you’ll start to notice camgirls give you a bit more attention than other members. That’s because they know you have tokens and are interested in making you spend those tokens on them.

Also, with your new premium membership you’ve fully unlocked ALL the site features MyFreeCams offers. Some of those features include:

  • Ability to tip tokens
  • Notification when your fav camgirl/s goes live
  • Lounge access
  • Private shows
  • Spy / Voyeur mode
  • TruePrivate mode
  • Bookmark camgirls

We go more in-depth into each feature and what they do exactly in the ‘Features’ section of this review.


Purchasing Tokens

Tokens on MyFreeCams are the only thing that cost money. You can spend tokens on private shows, group shows, spy shows, tips, and video content on MFC Share. Tokens on MyFreeCams are sold in packages. When you’re first purchasing tokens you’ll only have 3 token packages available to you…

  • 200 Tokens for $19.99 (~$0.10 per token)
  • 550 Tokens for $49.99 (~$0.09 per token)
  • 900 Tokens for $74.99 (~$0.08 per token)

The most popular token package, which is also the cheapest, is the 200 tokens for $19.99. This package is considered the starter package for most new members. It’s the one you’ll most likely be tempted to buy.

Purchasing tokens is as easy as the sign-up process. Follow these 3 steps to purchase tokens on MyFreeCams.

  1. First, you’ll want to make sure you’re logged in. In the upper right corner of the homepage, click on the link that says ‘Purchase Tokens’.
  2. A pop-up window will appear and you’ll be prompted to choose your desired token package and payment processor. Choose 1 of the 3 token packages available, then in the payment processor section select either Epoch or CCBill. There isn’t much of a difference between these two, one offers you the ability to purchase tokens with PayPal, the other doesn’t. Choose either one then click ‘Continue >’.
  3. You should be redirected to a new page with a payment gateway. Fill in your information and complete your purchase. You’ll then be redirected to a page with a purchase receipt and a reference number. Close out of this window and go back to the MyFreeCams homepage and refresh the page. In the upper right corner, you will now see the number of tokens in your account.

Process to purchase tokens on MyFreeCams

Now with tokens in your account, you’re ready to fully enjoy the MyFreeCams experience. You also have unrestricted access to all the site features and can start tipping camgirls. Talking about camgirls, MyFreeCams has one of the best selection of camgirls anywhere. They’re what makes MyFreeCams one of the best camsites around.


Camgirls on MyFreeCams

When you first arrive at MyFreeCams you’ll be greeted with an enormous selection of live camgirls to choose from. Camgirls on MFC come in a wide range of looks, body types, ethnicities, and kinks. While you certainly get the professional type of camgirls from studios in South America and Eastern Europe, the vast majority of the models on MyFreeCams are amateurs. There’s also the occasional pornstar thrown in the mix too.

As with just about any other camsite, the top camgirls on MyFreeCams are some of the most beautiful women you will ever lay eyes on. We’re not exaggerating when we say that, we truly mean it. You’ll soon come to find out for yourself! A lot of the camgirls on MFC could easily be supermodels or Playboy bunnies.

One notable quality of MyFreeCams is that all the models are female. MFC does not cater to anything beyond women. You will never see a single transgender, male, or even (m/f) couple cam on the site. You will occasionally find a few female couples, but 99% or more of the models are solo females.

No matter what time of day you decide to visit MyFreeCams, there will most likely always be over 1,000+ models for you to choose from. There are so many camgirls on MyFreeCams that you’ll most likely be overwhelmed by the amount available to you at any given time of day. One feature on MyFreeCams that you should make use of, is the search bar. If you’re looking for a specific type of camgirl, the search bar is your friend.

Camgirls currently live on MyFreeCams

 How to use the Search Bar on MyFreeCams

At the top right navigation bar, you’ll see the search bar where you can search through online models. The search bar allows for boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT. This is for advanced searching only. Any phrase you search for will bring back results using that keyword you specified that is present in a models username, room topic, model tag, and news feed post. Here are a couple examples to give you an idea of how to use these operators.

Say you’re wanting to look for a camgirl with small boobs, in the search box you’d type…

  • Small boobs This simple keyword would show you any model whose username, room topic, model tag, or news feed has the word ‘Small Boobs’ in it.
  • Small Boobs AND BlondeIncluding the operator ‘and’ with your search term will bring up any model with ‘Small Boobs’ and who’s ‘Blonde’.
  • Small Boobs NOT TallUsing the ‘not’ operator, you can search for models with ‘Small Boobs’ that are NOT ‘Tall’.

Figuring out the search bar is pretty simple. You can find just about any camgirl that fits your specific liking in body, hair color, kinks, etc.

One other great feature on MyFreeCams that will help you narrow down camgirls to your specific liking, is the Model List Settings. With it, you’re able to filter camgirls by country, popularity, trending status, and rank.

Settings on MyFreeCams


Features on MyFreeCams


Probably one of the main reason basic members upgrade to premium status is for the tipping feature. If you spent some time on MyFreeCams you’ll most likely come across one camgirl that you like. If you’d like to request for that camgirl to perform a certain act such as flash her tits or play with a toy, tipping tokens is the way to do it.

A good percentage of camgirls on MyFreeCams use smart toys which can be controlled by you with tokens. If you’ve watched cams before, you’d probably notice some camgirls have a pink device inserted in their pussy. That device is tip controlled by viewers and reacts by vibrating when a member tips tokens. How long and how strong the device vibrates depends on how many tokens you tip.

When tipping, there are multiple options available to you to choose from:

  • Display tip: If you want your tip to be shown in the public chat room, you can choose the “display tip” option. On the other hand, you can also choose to keep it private.
  • Anonymous tip: You can also choose to display your tip, but as an anonymous user. The minimum tip for this option is 5 tokens.
  • Message to model: This option allows you to send your tip in a private message.
  • Display the message above: With this option, the message to the model above is sent to a public chat room.

More bits of advice for when tipping:

  • You can send multiple consecutive tips by clicking the “Click here to Confirm & Tip Again” link at the bottom of the tip confirmation screen.
  • You can tip straight from the chat room or PM by typing /tip in the chat.
  • Use Chat Commands for even more tip options such as Silent Tipping (no tip sound!)

Model Chat

One of the most notable features you get as a premium member is the ability to type in the chat of just about any model on MFC. Most models have ‘Guests’ accounts blocked on their chat rooms, some models even block ‘Basic’ members. But premium members usually never get blocked from the chat. Being able to talk with the models through the chat is one of the many reasons users purchase tokens and become premium members.

MyFreeCams Lounge

The lounge is a single chat room that premium members can join to simply hang out and discuss anything that’s on their mind. There’s 1 live feed displaying a random live camgirl that alternates every 35 seconds. Any message you type in the chat will NOT be seen by the model, but by only the members in the chat. It’s essentially an area on MFC where you can shoot the shit with other members and get a 30-second glimpse into multiple camgirls room without refreshing the page. This feature isn’t something you see very often with other live camsites. It’s a place to share your thoughts and help out fellow members by recommending camgirls you like and vice versa.

Live Model Notifications 

The live model notification feature sends you an email alert, or browser notification sound if you’re logged in, whenever a camgirl you like goes live on cam. It’s a great way to know when your favorite camgirl is live so you don’t miss spending time with her.

If you want to receive an email alert when your fav camgirl goes live, follow these steps.

  • In the right sidebar menu, click on ‘My Account’. A pop-up window will open, on there click on ‘My Model Notifications’.
  • Click the link that says ‘Click here’. A new pop-up window will appear
  • You can let MFC send you an email through the email you used when you signed up, or you can add a new email address instead.
  • In the ‘Add Notifications’ section, simply type the name of the camgirl you like and click the ‘Add Notification’ button.

Private Shows

Tipping your favorite camgirl in public chat to flash her tits or spank her ass is amazing in itself. But if you’re wanting a little more personal connection with a camgirl, taking her to a private chat is where the real fun lies. Get her undivided attention and enjoy the 1-on-1 action. Private shows cost 1 token per second or 60 tokens per minute. That means that if you want to stay in private for 5 minutes, then you will need 300 tokens. A private show automatically ends when you run out of tokens. Also, the member and model may end the show at any time. Your private shows are recorded and available for you to watch again any time in your Archives section, absolutely free. Keep in mind that private shows can be spied on by other members.

Spy / Voyeur Mode

Similar to how other members can spy on your private show, you can also spy on theirs. If you like the idea of watching what a fellow member is doing with a camgirl in a private show, using this mode you can spy on them. The cost of using this feature is 20 tokens per minute (1 token every 3 seconds) You also receive the video/audio recording of the private show in your archives to watch again, absolutely free.


With the TruePrivate feature, you can pay a bit extra to keep the show between you and a camgirl completely private. A regular private show can be spied on by other members. If you’re wanting complete privacy between you and a camgirl, TruePrivacy feature is the way to go. Other members aren’t able to use the ‘Spy’ feature to peek into your private show. This feature costs 80 tokens per minute. Your TruePrivate shows are recorded and available for you to watch again any time in your Archives section, absolutely free.

Group Mode

A group show is similar to a private show, except that multiple members can join at once. You can either join an ongoing group show or you can start one. To initiate a group show, simply click the ‘Group Show’ link at the bottom of the live cam. Once at least 3 members are requesting a group show, the model will be invited to accept or decline the group show offer. The group show is great because it only costs 10 tokens per minute, which is less than half the price of other shows.

Bookmark widget

With how many gorgeous camgirls are available on MyFreeCams, it’s almost impossible to remember each and every one that you like. This is where the bookmark feature comes into play. With it, you’re able to add camgirls you like to your bookmarks list. You’ll be able to keep track of when your favorite models are online without having to visit their profiles to find out. You can bookmark as many camgirls as you like, there are no limitations. To bookmark a camgirl, you simply click the ‘Menu’ link under the live cam. Then click the ‘Bookmark Model’ link. The model will be added to your bookmarks and you’ll be able to keep track of her online status.


Camgirl Of The Month

This section will be updated once a month to display the winner of the monthly contest held by MyFreeCams. The title ‘Miss MyFreeCams’ is given out at the end of every month to the most popular camgirl on MFC. It’s a title many camgirls dream of having but only a few get to claim.

For the month of February 2019, Ivy Grace won the title Miss MyFreeCams.

Visit Ivy Grace on MyFreeCams to see why she was chosen as the top camgirl of the month.


MFC Share

MFC Share is an image and video hosting platform for camgirls on MyFreeCams. Models are able to sell videos, photos, subscriptions, and items that MFC premium members can purchase with tokens.

If you’re a premium member on MyFreeCams, you can log in to MFC Share using the same credentials. Tokens in your account also carry over should you be interested in purchasing content from your favorite camgirl.

While the majority of the content is behind a paywall, there are still a ton of FREE videos you can watch on MFC Share. These videos are made available for free by the models to attract members to their paid content. Browsing the free section of MFC Share is a good way of finding a camgirl you’re interested in purchasing content from, and potentially watching live on cam.

MFC Share also has the option to ‘Follow’ and ‘Like’ any camgirl you’re interested in. In the ‘Feed’ section, you can see videos and other content available by the camgirls you have bookmarked on the main MyFreeCams site. You can also see content available by the camgirls you’ve Liked or Followed on MFC Share.

Some camgirls create what are called ‘Clubs’ where members can join and access content for free or at a discounted rate. Club members usually get to see exclusive content that’s not publicly available to non-club members.


Mobile MyFreeCams

If you’re in the mood to watch your favorite camgirl but you’re nowhere near your desktop, you should be glad to know that MyFreeCams has a fully-functional mobile version of their website. Found on, the mobile version of MFC is not much different than the desktop version.

The design and layout of MFC mobile is similar to the main site. Video and audio are high quality just as you’d expect and the live cam has very little delay.

You can log in to your account and tip just as you’d normally do. Nothing really changes on MFC Mobile. If the small screen isn’t too much of an issue for you, you can definitely interact with your favorite camgirls on your mobile device with no problem.



Overall, MyFreeCams is one of the best camsites online. It’s certainly the gathering place for every camgirl lover on the web. The concept of ‘Free’ is very appealing to visitors which tends to drive a massive crowd towards MFC. This, in turn, brings in lots of the hottest camgirls from all over the world trying to get in front of these viewers. Although it’s 100% FREE to watch any camgirl on MyFreeCams, the real fun truly lies in chatting with and getting to know these camgirls.

Upgrading to a premium account is definitely something you should consider doing. Having tokens in your pockets to tip your favorite camgirls is the best way of getting the greatest experience out of MFC. If you’ve made it this far into the review, that means you’re definitely interested in MyFreeCams. Now is the time to stop reading and start enjoying one of the best camsites on the web. Head on over to, create an account, and purchase your first token package. It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever make.

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