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  • 4 features you'll love about LiveJasmin
  • How safe is LiveJasmin
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LiveJasmin deserves its reputation as one of the most widely known adult webcam sites on the world wide web. Since its inception in 2001, they’ve provided visitors an unparalleled experience into the world of live sex chat. Users on LiveJasmin can interact with models and request they do various sexual activities ranging from striptease, dirty talk, masturbation with sex toys, fetish play, and much more. LiveJasmin prides itself as one of the top camsites on that web that provide a good user experience and satisfaction through a modern state of the art platform and some of the best camgirls in the industry.

When first visiting, you’ll notice the sleek modern design and huge thumbnails of all the models currently online. Hovering over a models thumbnail gives you a quick preview of what that model is currently doing and in what state of undress she is in. The insanely good looks and simple navigation of the site are a nice plus, but the site design, navigation, and functionality are not what makes LiveJasmin one of the best live camsites to be on, it’s really the camgirls who you’ll find are the attention grabbers of the site. They’re the ones who will entice you and keep you coming back for more. In this review, we’ll give you everything you need to know about LiveJasmin before heading over and experiencing the absolute best in the world of live sex chat.

LiveJasmin Models

Model Selection

What does your dream girl look like? Stop reading this and really think about that for a quick second. Is she White, Asian, Ebony, or Latina? Does she have big juicy tits and a plump ass or is she small chested with a cute lil booty? Do you want her to be of a certain age, young or mature? How about hair color, do you prefer she have dark, blonde, red, or brown hair? Let’s not forget about body type. Is she athletic with a tight tone frame or does she have curves in all the right places? Whatever your dream girl looks like, no matter how specific you are, one thing is for certain, you’ll find her on LiveJasmin.

When you first visit LiveJasmin, you’ll most certainly be overwhelmed by the variety of models you have to choose from. I can honestly bet money on the fact that you won’t even know what model you want to click on first. Happens to me everytime I venture there, you know, for research purposes and stuff. On the LiveJasmin homepage, the left-hand sidebar navigation is what you’ll first want to check out. There you can easily filter models based on your preference.

Browse models by ethnicity, age, appearance, and willingness. Quickly find the best models that fit your criteria and start chatting them up. Take into consideration that LiveJasmin is a pay to play site. Meaning you won’t see nudity in the free chat. Yes, you can talk with models and get to know them, but if you want to take things further, like wanting to see them nude or request they do sexual activites, you’re going to have to join and purchase some credits. What are credits and how much do they cost?

Prices / Memberships

So what exactly are credits and how the hell can you get your hands on them? Credits are simply the currency LiveJasmin uses to allow you to tip models for their service. Other camsites like MyFreeCams, use a different currency, they call theirs “Tokens”, but they’re the same thing. Credits are usually bought in packages, on LiveJasmin some of the packages available to you are:

LiveJasmin Credits Packages Price

You can purchase credits using several different services, such as:

LiveJasmin Payment Method Options

Once credits are in your account, the real fun can begin. Start browsing LiveJasmin and find your dream girl that will fulfill your every naughty desire. By purchasing credits, you will also be upgraded to a premium membership.

What’s the difference between basic and premium memberships?

Basic Members can enjoy an unlimited chat with models in the free chat and get recognized with their unique username by the models. A basic member can also create a personal list of favorites among their preferred models.

A premium member can do everything the basic member can, plus the obvious benefit of privately interacting with the models. To enjoy all the special acts listed in the models personal Info (under willingness), members have to be in private chat. Premium members can also exchange offline messages with models and send them surprises in their chat rooms. Being a premium member really pays off and has several benefits and features you can take advantage of.

4 Features you’ll love about LiveJasmin

  1. Cam2Cam: On LiveJasmin, like many other camsites, they offer the ability for you to turn on your own webcam and be face to face with any of their camgirls. You can watch models on cam and you can be watched by models on cam. Take a model into a private chat and turn on your webcam and be seen by your favorite camgirl. This feature takes your cam viewing experince to the next level!
  2. Fan Clubs: After falling in love with a camgirl, you’ll definitly want to keep up to date with everything she is doing. Fan Clubs are a fantastic way of doing just that. You can join any models Fan Club and you’ll receive private photos and videos from the model, exclusive attention in the chat, the ability to private message her and so much more.
  3. Two Way Audio: The Two Way Audio feature allows you the ability to talk to any camgirl. If you’d rather not use the Cam2Cam feature and be seen by the model, you can instead use this feature to talk to her and have your naughty conversations in private.
  4. Mobile App: If you much rather prefer going mobile, LiveJasmin has done an incredible job at creating a mobile version of their website. You’ll find that many of the features listed above, such as the Cam2Cam and Two Way Audio feature, still works flawlessly on your mobile device. Use the front / rear facing camera on your phone / tablet to be seen by a model. You can also turn on your mic and talk directly to a camgirl. The mobile version of LiveJasmin can only be accessed when on a mobile device.

How safe is LiveJasmin?

It’s important to know if the camsites where you’ll be spending time and money on are safe. We wouldn’t recommend any camsites where we know the security is terrible. You’ll also want to know if a camsite is discreet with their billing before you use your credit card on there. If you’re on a shared bank account and both parties have access to the billing statement and you’d rather the other person not know you’re spending money on a live sex chat website, then you can rest easy knowing that LiveJasmin offers discreet billing to all its users.

When you make a purchase for credits on LiveJasmin using your credit card, on your banks’ statement page you will see a transaction to any of the following names ( – – – Webbilling – WTS 800-717-7476). Depending on which payment provider you use you’ll see any one of these names show up on your billing statement. You will never see the name “LiveJasmin” on any of your statements.

LiveJasmin also takes extraordinary measures to protect your private data and security when on their platform. The LiveJasmin platform is validated by McAfee and VeriSign. Both are reputable companies that ensure your data is kept private and secure when making purchases on LiveJasmin.

Final thoughts

In summary, there are hundreds of other camsites out there in the wild, but very few can actually stand toe-to-toe with LiveJasmin. When it comes to price, quality, and model selection, LiveJasmin is one of your best choices. If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy live cam site then you could do no better than joining LiveJasmin. The only thing that is guaranteed is satisfaction.

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