LiveJasmin Introduces ‘Truth Or Dare’ Game Feature To Website has recently introduced a new game feature to enhance your experience on their website. The new game feature, Truth or Dare, is available in private chat only and for models strictly in the “Nude” categories.

This new feature doesn’t cost you a single extra credit to use. The game is only available through the private chat area. Meaning you have to take your favorite LiveJasmin model to a private chat session to be able to play this Truth or Dare game.

Tweet by LiveJasmin Introducing New Feature to Website
LiveJasmin Tweet Notifying Their Followers Of The New Game Feature

How Does The Game Work?

According to Xbiz, in a nutshell, the “Truth or Dare” game consists of three levels and can be started only during a private session with a model. Each category is divided into levels. It starts off with a simple level and gradually the intensity increases as the game moves ahead. The system randomly generates questions from the current level pool and goes up one level every three rounds of questions.

How To Access The Game

So you’ve found a hottie on LiveJasmin and you now want to play a little game of ‘Truth or Dare’ with her. How can you do that? It’s simple! First of, make sure you’re signed in (obviously), next click the big bright yellow button under the video that says “Start Private Show”.

Once in a private show, you’ll see new buttons at the bottom of the live video, click on the one with the puzzle icon. That’s pretty much it. The game will appear on your screen and you’re ready to play. Once the game starts, you can choose pre-defined questions to ask a model, or dare her to do something you’ll both enjoy.

Ready to play Truth or Dare? Head on over to LiveJasmin and test out the new game feature. Let us know if you like it!


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