Meet One Of Stripchats Most Popular Camgirls, Iris Blues

If you’ve been watching camgirls for a while now, you probably have a couple of favorites you enjoy spending most of your time with. I know I do.

A handful of camgirls get my undivided attention, and tips, whenever they’re online.

It’s not often I stray away from my favorites since I know what I can expect with them. I’ve come to enjoy being in their company and getting to know them. So it’s kinda rare for me to go out and find new camgirls to interact with on a new site. I know there are probably lots of you reading that are the same.

This past week though, I decided to break away from my favorite camgirls and went out to explore a new site.  Just to see what I could find, and see what I might be missing out on.

I found my way to after randomly seeing them pop up in my Twitter timeline and while there I stumbled across this stunning Romanian camgirl that I haven’t stopped thinking about since.

Busty camgirl
Photo courtesy of Fancentro

She was on the first page of Stripchat and her thumbnail image instantly caught my attention. She was a striking dark-haired babe with a slender body and a pair of mouth-watering tits that were perfect!

The vibe in her room was chill and inviting. She was wearing this sexy black lingerie that looked incredible on her. Though with a body like hers, she’d look great wearing anything.

Iris Blues in a one piece
Photo courtesy of Fancentro

She was smiling and laughing all the while teasing her viewers by caressing her tits and making flirty comments. This girl was fantastic on cam and everyone in her room was enjoying themselves.

If you made your way to this post without reading the title, you probably don’t know who the hell I’m talking about. Who is this smoking hot vixen you talk about, you’re probably asking yourself. The camgirl on Stripchat I’m talking about is named Iris Blues.

Romanian camgirl in red
Photo courtesy of Fancentro

No matter how many adjectives I use to describe her, my words won’t do her justice. Check out her photos and see her for yourself. She’s absolutely ravishing and her charm while on cam is quite addicting. I’m definitely going back to Stripchat to visit her again.

Model posing in front of pool
Photo courtesy of Fancentro

If you’ve never ventured outside of one camsite where your favorite camgirls are, do yourself a favor and go out and explore a new site. You’ll be surprised at the number of new camgirls you come across that fall within your preference. Go watch Iris Blues on Stripchat if you can’t decide on what camsite to visit. You can also follow her on twitter under the username @IrisBluesX.

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