Chaturbate Introduces New Tube Feature to Website

If you’ve made your daily visit to Chaturbate, you have probably noticed a new menu item at the top navigation bar labeled “Tube“. Clicking on this link directs you to a new page with a “feed” style design similar to Twitter.

What The Tube Is For

The Tube feature was created to display content from random chaturbate performers in a single location. You can filter the page based on gender and content type, such as images or videos. The Tube page is single column with content being shown dead center.

Videos are set to auto-play with the audio turned off. Some photos are actually full albums. Clicking on a photo pops open a light-box with next and previous navigation arrows to scroll through the album.

Not all photos are part of an album, some are just a single image. Below the content is a box with information about who the photo/video belongs to, such as the name of the performer, a description, number of views, and a follow button.

Tube on Chaturbate

Your Thoughts

Chaturbate silently introduced the new feature to their website. They gave no notice or have yet to make any kind of announcement on their blog or social media pages about the new Tube feature.

What do you think about this new addition to Chaturbate? Is it something that improves the platform? What other features would you like to see introduced to Chaturbate? Leave your comments below.

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