Are You a Member of Ammelie Lovee’s Fan club on LiveJasmin?

Well, are you? I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if some of you reading this blog were to actually know who Ammelie Love is. She is pretty popular on LiveJasmin and on Twitter. Boasting an impressive 430 five-star ratings on LiveJasmin and a cool 10k followers on Twitter, I wouldn’t actually be surprised if some of you random netizens stumbled across this post and were actually members of her private fan club on LiveJasmin.

If you’re one of the unfortunate souls that don’t know who Ammelie Love is, well, I first want to say that I feel bad for you. I truly do. But it’s okay. I’ll introduce you to Ammelie Love and everything she has to offer.

Webcam model in bed

Who is Ammelie Lovee?

She’s a hypnotically beautiful dark-haired goddess hailing from Medellin, Colombia. Yes, another Colombian hottie is being featured on Cambaebs, what a surprise! I think you guys can already tell that I love South American women. It’s true, I confess. I have a weakness for them. They drive me wild.

After I heard about Ammelie Lovee I could not resist her beauty and sweet down to earth personality. Her short 5’5 frame, long hair, stunning brown eyes, and mouthwatering curves. How could a man possibly not be attracted to such perfection!?!

Ammelie Lovee is a camgirl on LiveJasmin and even has her very own website where lucky guys (possibly you!) can join and gain access to her private collection of naughty photos and videos.

Ammelie Lovee’s exclusive content

If you watch camgirls, you know that you can’t always be online when your favorite camgirl is live-streaming. This is why I like featuring camgirls who have their own websites. They bring you, the viewer, more content to enjoy and fap endlessly to when the model is offline. If you’re a member on LiveJasmin, (you are, right?) and you one day feel like watching Ammelie Lovee live on cam, you might be greeted by a message on her page that says “Ameelie Lovee is currently offline”. So what now? What do you do to get your fix of Ammelie?

You have two options, they’re both fucking good options in my opinion.

  1. You can join her website. Her site is private and only members can gain access to her exclusive content. So, what is this “exclusive content”  you ask? Simply put, it’s never before seen naughty photos and videos of Ammelie Lovee. Videos recorded and photos snapped by Ammelie’s personal camera and uploaded straight to her website for you the member. All her content is for members eyes only. That’s it, just photos and videos? Nope. You also get the awesome honor of being able to private message with Ammelie. PM her a love poem or tell her how pretty she is and how perfect her butt looked in that one picture you liked on her Twitter.
  2. Your other option is to join her fan club on LiveJasmin. So what’s this “fan club” I mention? Well, if you’re a stranger to LiveJasmin, then you probably don’t know that camgirls on LJ have fan clubs where members can tip and gain access to that model’s premium content. Joining her fan club gets you exclusive attention in Ammelie Lovees chat when she’s on cam, you get access to fan only emoticons you can use in the chat, and access to private photos and videos. Plus a host of other benefits only members of her fan club get to enjoy.

Ammelie Love

In closing, Ammelie Lovee is an absolute stunner that you’re going to want to get to know. Stay updated on what she’s doing by following her on Twitter. You also get to see some occasionally candid photos of her. Let her know we sent you!

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